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Asia CRM Software Industry Forum

Customer Relationship Management strategies and CRM software applications are increasingly becoming cornerstone building blocks for corporations in the Asia Pacific region. Early adoption by the telecommunications and banking sectors has been quickly followed with CRM initiatives in many other sectors such as transportation, retail, government, healthcare and professional services. Key drivers fueling continued CRM software growth include the quests for increased customer share, market share, retention and efficiencies. Asian CEO's view their CRM spending as a strategic investment to ensure customer loyalty and retention.


According to Gartner, CRM software revenue in the Asia Pacific region grew 13% in 2006 reaching approximately $336 million and representing a 5.2 percent share of the global CRM software market.


Research firm Frost & Sullivan projects that by 2009 CRM software spending in the Asia Pacific region will reach $408 million representing an 8 percent growth rate. They also suggest Japan will incur the majority of CRM software investment while China and Korea will be close behind and that CRM analytics and information analysis capabilities will be a key driver for CRM software adoption across the Asia Pacific region.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business strategy supported by customer relationship objectives, company culture, business processes, implementation methods and CRM software. The intent of CRM is to methodically and continually enhance and grow customer relationships in order to achieve increased business performance.


CRM strategies and CRM software have become a powerful combination in helping Asian organisations meet their business objectives. For most enterprises, CRM systems include sales force automation (SFA), marketing automation and customer support. Other capabilities such as Partner Relationship Management (PRM), sales order processing and CRM analytics often extend primary CRM business systems. New innovations such as open source CRM software as well as new pricing models and delivery methods such as software as a service (SaaS), sometimes called on-demand CRM or hosted CRM software, have also introduced new opportunities for CRM acquisition, implementation, management and utilization.


CRM success is much more than just a one time software implementation project activity; it is a change in company culture and a continuous journey that advances over time and matures as customer needs change, organizational capabilities evolve and the customer relationship grows. CRM is a business strategy first and foremost. CRM software provides the data management, information delivery and process automation to achieve CRM strategies. Effective CRM software applications aid enterprises with an increased understanding, anticipation and response to customer requests in a timely, efficient and rewarding manner.


Many CRM software users, consultants, and project managers have discovered successful techniques, repeatable methods, efficient business processes, lessons learned and best practices which collectively reduce risk and increase the success of customer focused business objectives. is a collection and repository of shared experiences which leverages industry research, social media interaction, user generated content and community participation to evolve for the benefit of all participants.


The core purpose of is to share, collaborate and grow the collective content, cooperation, knowledge, networking and insight among a wider community of business participants. Visitors and interested readers are encouraged to share their experience, views and insight for the community's benefit.


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